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"Serenede" Reverse PNAU HiJack Fanfiction


Because Kit and co. were talking about it, and I loved the idea, sooooo~

lol I listened to “Ave Maria” on repeat the entire time I scribbled this out. »

By Senashenta

To say Jack was surprised to hear classical music coming from Hiccup’s room was more than just a simple understatement.

Halfway up the stairs to the second floor of the Haddock household he paused, hand on the banister. Stoick was downstairs (he had answered the door when Jack had knocked) and didn’t seem the classical type anyway. Then again, neither did Hiccup. So why…?

Continuing on, Jack stopped outside of Hiccup’s bedroom, just looking at the door in confusion for a long moment. Finally he lifted a hand to rap lightly on the door, then, without waiting for an answer, cracked it open and slipped inside, closing it quietly behind himself again.

The sight that greeted him when he turned around was completely, utterly unexpected.

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Is it bad that whenever I hear Lindsey Sterling’s “Round Table Rival”, the only thing I can think of is Punk!Hiccup totally owning the stage in a leather vest and eyeliner? I mean, c’mon…


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